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Flying RC Dragonfly !

Now its here!

Remote controlled dragonfly, flyes like a insect!
Four flipping wings make it fly forward.
Can be used indoors in a sportshall or outdoors in still weather.

 •  Superfly Dragonfly - Design like a ornithopter.
 •  Blue LEDs in eyes, to show battery status.
 •  With Lithium battery (20min charge time - 8 min flying time)
 •  Green(27MHz) and Blue(40MHz) version
 •  Extra Spare Wings included.
 •  RF transmitter can go 15 meters. (Trimming included)
 •  Uses six 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries. (Buy seperate)
 •  World Wide Shipping - shipping time is 7-21 days.
Price:  ONLY 49,00 EUR 

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