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FPV Video flying set!

Fly high - up in the sky!
One of the worlds most professionel and still good for the money, FPV video flying system is near launch.

FPV stands for First Person View, also called Fly By Vision, and you could say is a whole new way of feeling like flying..but without really doing so ;)
Mounted on a model airplane is a mini camera with transmitter and some electronic,
it makes it possible to fly just by looking into a screen or Video Glasses.

Included in the set is all you need to get started!
You can also buy the things separately - just send a email asking for it, while we add all the items to our website.

We are working hard to add all the diffent FPV products to our webshop.

Here is what you get in the set:
- Multiplex EasyStar with everything needed to get flying included brushless motor setup.
- KX131 380 Lines Mini CCD Camera.
- 5Hz GPS receiver.
- Intelligent Flight OSD.
- 100mW Video Transmitter 2.4GHz.
- 2.4GHz Video Receiver with Antenna.
- VR Glasses included.
- Professionel "Ready To Fly" set with EVERYTHING included to get started!

(The video shown is a diffent plane, but the OSD and camera is the same)

 •  Range is 500 meter.
 •  Airborne time up to 30 minutes
 •  Easystar Electric plane included with Brushless motor setup.
 •  Remote Control transmitter included.
 •  Contact us by email, if you have any questions.
 •  Price is included VAT/MwSt/TVA, and is shipped from Europe.
 •  Delivery time is from 14days to a month.
 •  Professionel "Ready To Fly" set with EVERYTHING needed to get started!
 •  Included 640x480 Video Glasses, you can also use for Xbox, PS3, iPod, PC etc
Price:  €1340,00 EUR 

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