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Fun Micro Helicopter !

Fun Micro Helicopter
Very small remote controlled helicopter.
Can be used indoors anywhere or outdoors in very still weather.

Really fun toy, and very easy to control - you can even land it in your hand!
Note: This is not the original Silverlit brand, but its very similar.

- Really easy to control.
- Flys very well when trimmed in.
- Good price!
- Can handle alot of bad things.
- Holds battery a long time.
- Charging is done with included remote control.
- Good for birthday gift!

- Does not work good in sunlight - because of InfraRed light from the Sun.
- Need to be trimmed in to fly good.

 •  Flys both outdoor and indoor.
 •  Airborne time up to 10 minutes.(20-30min charging time)
 •  Weight is only 10 grams
 •  Included is a 3.7V Li-Poly rechangeable battery.
 •  Remote control transmitter included. (Up to 10 meter range).
 •  Uses 6 x AA sized batteries. (Not included)
 •  Included spare rotor.
Price:  ONLY 19,00 EUR 

Yep, its easy to control when you tryed some times before.. :)
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